te_ri was influenced by these 20 albums

te_ri’s member (Kyoju Murakami and Takashi Katayama) each selected 10 albums that were influenced. Most of them are avant-garde prog rock and jazz, but famous pops album are chosen a bit. there is the key to understand the te_ri’s music which has edge and friendly, maybe.

10 pieces selected by Kyoju Murakami (in no particular order)

I listened to many chamber music. in particular I like the unconventional of modern French music. One of the origins of the shortness of te_ri’s music. It’s a duo band.

(2) Egberto Gismonti “solo”
I like his work “Trilogy for Children” and duo with Nana Vasconcelos. But I heard this album repeatedly the most. It is simple, grand and beautiful.

(3) tipographica “God says I can not Dance”
I was strongly influenced by the subdivision of the rhythm challenged by Tsuneo Imahori and the chords composed by him. I have all tipographica albums. I especially like this album.

(4) Ruins “TZOMBORGHA”
If you did a duo band and were not influenced by Ruins, it is fake. It seems that it was the starting point for “How to do play our music no sounds like Ruins”.

(5) Conlon Nancarrow “Player Piano, Vol.1”
Presence that taught me the solution how to over bar lines. It is also called MIDI’s ancestor, but the landscape of playing player piano automatically is similar to the music video game.

(6) Kirinji “3”
I have listened to Steely Dan and Stevie Wonder to study complicated chord progression, but it was affected more considering contemporaneous and closeness of distance.

(7) Takayuki Kato Trio “GUITAR STANDARDS”
I learned from Mr. Kato how to play voicing. I took lessons for about 3 to 4 years.His music is amazing. I taught him to avoid the importance and assertion of inner voice.

(8)  Mandalay Myoma Group “LIVE SHOW”
This is a concert DVD of Mandalay Myoma Group, it is very popular band in Myanmar. For me who is a rhythm geek, Myanmar music is one of the utmost of the rhythm. It is located in the union of contemporary music, free jazz and glitch techno.

(9) EXPO “Expo’s Universal Great Strategy”
I thought that computer errors and bugs as a real pleasure and one that gave me a chance to consider the relationship between humans and machines. It began to listen to Miwa Masahiro on this occasion.

(10) Aphex twin “Richard D. James Album”
I have heard techno since I was young and have been strongly influenced. I think his music is the true heart of a beautiful melody and a complex rhythm. There are musicians specialized due to the rhythm segmentation, but I like this.

Ten chosen by Takashi Katayama (in no particular order)

(1) Haruomi Hosono “Coin Citalital Music”
I learned the consciousness of “expressing the view of the world”. The explanation is difficult, but I like the feeling that gear comes in.

(2) Mari Natsuki “Impressionists”
This is a CD that made me think about expressing this. It is wonderful that the depth comes out with the texture of sound and voice.

(3) UA “LA”
The best live album for songs, arrangements and performers. The amazing drum that I had never heard before.

(4) bozo “1st”
The admiration for jazz is very strong. There’s something special about them.

(5) Airto Moreira “Fingers”
For me this album was the entrance to Brazilian music.  Melody and rhythm is cool.

(6) Hermeto Pascoal “Montreux Jazz Festival”
It is an album that I learned that music is fun and free. The feeling that the story suddenly starts from the back and invisible place is impressive.

(7) Shakti “Shakti With John McLaughlin Live”
Sensation that player approach closer to God if we also climb the skill of transcendence. It is the highest like playing knockdown in multiplication.

(8) Arti E Mestieri “Giro Di Valzer Per Domani”
I longed for a method of playing drums that were separated from humans. Melody and composition is also a wonderful.

(9)Captain Beefheart “Trout Mask Replica”
I do not belong anywhere and I will not go anywhere and I can not explain, but I get numbed to the highest. I feel that I want to be in that uncertain element.

(10) Return to Forever “Return to Forever”
Suave polyrhythm and heart calm scene and burning energy… In that dramatic development, I am excited forever.

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