Myanmar Music in the Mysterious World of Myanmar 2023

 Myanmar music is the most distant from Western music. Myanmar music is a little-known genre in Japan, but its uniquely evolved style is both strange and beautiful. Until now, when Myanmar music has been introduced in Japan, it has mostly been discussed in the context of world music, but that is too much of a shame. The uniqueness of Myanmar music can also be found in techno/progressive/contemporary music/dub.
 Murakami, who has traveled to Japan every year since 2016 to conduct field research, will introduce its appeal while playing a variety of records, cassettes, CDs, videos, and more. In addition, he will report on his field research conducted at the end of 2022. He will talk a lot about how the music scene has been transformed.

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6th May @ Books American(42, 32chiwari, Kita Oniyanagi, Kitakami-city, Iwate)
start14:00 charge free.

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