I summarize them by label.(AtoZ)

Accordion Record Company

*One song on both sides.
title:Mahar Nadi
singer&Composer:Accordion Ohm Kyaw
This is a song by accordionist and singer Accordion Ohm Kyaw. (In Myanmar, the person’s occupation or place of origin are attached to the name before the name) to play as fast as Samla mammas manna. It is overwhelming. There are many thanzin (popular songs) with Western instruments, but accordions are rare.The title “The Great River” refers to the Ayeyarwady River.  The song is about the scenery along the river.

A One Electronic Recording

*One song on both sides.
title:Chit Moe Swe
singer:Pyi Hla Pe
backing musicians:A One Than Sone
This love song is called “Love Like Rain. The song is accompanied by all western instruments (sandaya, violin and slide guitar). It is sung by the popular singer of the past, Pyi Hla Hpe. Due to the scarcity of chords and the fineness of the notes, it sounds as if she has no feet on the ground, and I couldn’t help but feel fidgety and Shall. A-One is a leading record and film company in Myanmar.

Aung Ko Ko Recording

*One song on both sides.
title:[A]Yae Oh Ko Si / [B]Latt Pan Pwint Khaut Ya Aung
singer:Maung Ko Ko
Both sides are Maung Ko Ko songs. [A] Country-style “kalabaw” (Myanmar popular song). The harmony at the beginning of the chorus is impressive, But all at once a melody full of Myanmar’s character is played. The title translates directly to “a water jug one by one”. The song is about the beauty of the countryside scenery at dusk and a woman drawing water. [B]A tropical song with a brass section. The title translates directly to “Let’s pick up the flowers that bloom in cottonwoods”. It depicts a group of women in the village picking cottonwood flowers in song. The cottonwood flowers are used in medicine and cooking.

Aung Kyat Thayae Record Company

*One song on both sides.
title:Maung Ma Ma Pan Nwe
singer:Torn Tay Thein Tan
compose?:Ko Win Naing
The song “Flowery You” is sung by Torn Tay Thein Tan, a major figure in Myanmar’s singing scene. He is thinking of a woman in the distance. The ears are unconsciously relaxed by the sense of eternity created by Saing Waing, sandaya and brass. The credit says “Ko Win Naing (person’s name)”, but what role he played in this album is unknown. There is a garuda at the top of the label.

Aung Kyaw Dat Pyar

*One song on both sides.
title:Damma Sat Kyar Mae Shwe
singer:Tin Tin Mya
The main character, a woman named Mae Shwe, is a song about Buddhism. Mae Shwe, who must have done good deeds in her previous life, was very wise and her skin was as beautiful as gold. One day, Mae Shwe went to the temple to listen to sutra. The name of the sutra that she heard there was Damma Sat Kyar. It was a long sutra, but Mae Shwe could recite it only once. The priest told her to spend every day reading the sutra. One day, she met a merchant man from another city and got married. The song says, “If you read scripture, good rewards will come back to you. The sound is sumptuous with sandaya, pat waing, guitar, palwei, vibraphone and violin.

Aung Kyaw Nyunt Record Company

*One song on both sides.
title:Thabarwa Thar Te Maung Toe Ywar
singer:Torn Tay Thein Tan
The lyrics read: “Our village is blessed with nature.  We don’t have the glitz and glamour of the city, but we are at peace in the midst of unspoiled nature. If you come, I’ll be there to pick you up at the entrance of the village”. We don’t have the glitz and glamour of the city, but we are at peace in the midst of unspoiled nature. If you come, I’ll be there to pick you up at the entrance of the village”. The instrumentation is the Saing Waing, Sandaya,  Parwei. and Sandaya’s rapid-fire playing on the B-side is wonderful. Records were once a tool for migrant workers in the city to reminisce about their homeland.

Aung Pan Myaing Dat Pyar

title:A Mae Chwe Ma A Lane Mar
singer:Hintthata Tun Yin
composer:Ko Win Soe
backing group:Ko Win Soe Tae A Pwe
The name of the song translates directly to “Wise my daughter-in-law”. Side A is a wedding scene. The mother-in-law sings, “I get tired just by looking at my daughter-in-law”. On the B-side, the mother-in-law sings to her daughter-in-law rejoicing in her daughter-in-law’s good performance: “An elegant woman who respects Buddha, sutras, monks, parents, and teachers, I can’t believe I could have a wedding with such a good partner. The accompaniment was composed by the saing waing, sandaya and vibraphone. The tempo of the interlude is a little higher than the singing part, and the change of gears is very interesting to listen to.

Aung Sit The Record Company

*One song on both sides.
title:A Nyar Lhae Nint Myit Tar Shin
singer:Maung Maung Nyunt
compose:Win Soe
“I rode in a boat with you on the Ayeyarwady River, which flows through Bagan,” he said, thinking of his estranged lover. Love Song. The backing band consisted of Sandaya, Hne and vibraphone.It is rare to have a vibraphone in the band, and the mellow sound creates a dreamy feeling, and the Western It has a strong sense of character.  The A Nyar of the title refers to the flatlands of the upper Ayeyarwady River basin.

Aung Tha Pyae Dat Pyar

title:Kuna Yat Tine Tine
singer:Ko Mya Gyi
Composer:Ko Myat Lin
The title of the song is “Seven Days in a Row”. The song is about a man returning to the countryside who keeps thinking about his lover in another place. In terms of sound, saing waing, sandaya and palwei (vertical flute) support the background. The melisma singing technique is a highlight. The plant depicted on the label is the gopher plant, which is considered a good omen locally and is enshrined on Buddhist altars and pagodas. And the record company’s address is also written on the label: “28th Street, Building No. 89 in Yangon”.

actor:[A]Myanmar A Than Ko Thit Sor,A one Tin Tin Hla
[B]Myanmar A Than Ko Win Myint,U Maung Gyi, Gita Tin Own
The record of the play “Let’s do our best to get good grain in our rice paddies”; on side-A, women planting rice plants talk about their love life in the village, “I hear that guy likes you”; on side-B, men are drinking and gossipin. About the sound, the vibraphone is in play, which creates a sense of dreaminess. The name of a soldier named Tat Kyat Kyi Khin Nyune (Sergeant Khin Nyun) appears on the label, but his relationship to the record is unclear. Myanmar A Than is a local radio station and A One is the record and movie company A One. In Myanmar, the name is prefixed with the name of the person’s occupation or hometown, which means the person’s affiliation here.

Aung Thone Aung Dat Pyar

*One song on both sides.
title:Thit Sar Soe Thu Shi Bi Htint
singer:Shwe Myaing Maung Ohm
composer:Pantara Chit Hlaing
The unusual composition of slide guitar, violin, palwei, Hne, drums (unidentified), and wa (castanets), the moment of the instrumental part of the B-side, the undulating tonality and the rhythm of the song is uncanny. What a wonderful distortion. The title translates directly to “Is there someone She swears to? It’s a song of unrequited love and lost love.

Bago Dat Pyar

*One song on both sides.
title:Ma Ma Man Kay Thi
singer:Khin Maung Than Lay
Composer:Ko Lay Lwin
A man was asked by a woman living in Mandalay, “Would you like to come to my city for a summer vacation?The song is inviting. The men are in love with her, “That woman has a great smile”. On side A, the song says, “When summer vacation comes, please come and see the beautiful scenery of Mandalay and the pagodas,” and side B shows the scene of the actual visit to the site.  Not only did he visit Mandalay, but he also went to see the giant bell in Mingun.

title:A Nyar Nwe Oo Ta Kar Nay Buu
singer:Kin Maung Than Lay
compose:Ko Lay Lwin
Song by Kin Maung Than Lay. The title of the song is “I’ve spent a summer in Anyar (Upper Myanmar). It ruminates on the memories and serenity of the countryside: “A country woman would take a tub to the riverside at dusk to fetch water. The instrumentation is mostly Western, and the arrangements are modern and stylish. The Myanmarese melodies are meticulously woven together and wrap around the listener like a huge piece of cloth. Ko Lay Lwin is like the Nakamura Hachidai of Myanmar.

title:Kyar Lay Lay Khine Myae Lay Lay
singer:Myo Myint Lay
composer:Ko Lay Lwin
A love song titled “The longer the period of time, the stronger the bond.” “The more unattainable a person’s heart is, the more they want it” and “The more I can’t see you, the stronger my feelings for you become”. This is a composition by Ko Lay Lwin, who I have selfishly described as “Myanmar’s Nakamura Hachidai”. The relaxed vocals and soft instrumental tones overlap with each other, creating a really nice warmth. The model number, PGU, is probably the former name of Bago, or Pegu.

British Burma Film Recording Company

[A]title:Gon So Tar Ngwe Ko Khall Tal
singer:Thu Kha
[B]title:Maung Gyi Yae
singer:Mying Mying Khin
This is a record produced by the British Burmese Film Company, with an A-side featuring a very famous local film director. Sung by U Thu Kha. A comedy song about a drunk guy singing “love doesn’t matter as long as you have money.” b-side. Mying Mying Khin (May Sweet’s mother) sang, “I want to show you what country life is like. There. The ngapi ye that appears in the lyrics is made of solid fish sauce that has been rehydrated in water. Both sides of the song are western style.

title:Sat Kyar Thike Tha Chin
singer:Khin Maung Yin
Composer:Dagon Sayar Tin/U Ther Tin
This is a record produced by British Burma Film Recording Company.The song is based on a legend from 1301 and predicts a hopeful vision of what Myanmar will look like after independence. “Myanmar will shine soon. Myanmar will be victorious. Sometimes it is a rapid stream. Sometimes it is calm water. Don’t give up.” He appealed to the listeners.The slide guitar plays the main part of the accompaniment, which is very rare.


title:Sat Lae Ma Shwin
singer:Oak-Aw Ba Thaung
The title translates directly to “Not Happy in Mind”. The song is about a man thinking about his girlfriend who is far away from him. The man looks at the moon and repeats his sadness of not being able to see her again and again. Even though the words are not understood, the vocals, like a dotted line, express the sadness. The small ensemble of Sandaya and Hne also creates a sense of sadness.

title:Chit Nate Ban
singer:Sein Party
Composer:Shwe Pyi Aye
The title translates directly to “The Nirvana of Love”. A song of love from woman to man.  “Let us be devoted to each other, let us not break the Five Precepts, let us go together to Nirvana.”  The lyrics of the song contain many Buddhist words. The complicated development of the last part of the song is very interesting. The sound is a direct descendant of Ko Aung Gyi’s country/bluegrass music. It’s not Myanmar slide guitar but Western slide guitar.

title:Min Kan Min Nar
singer:Ma Kyi Aung
You can hear Myanmar slide guitar performances in abundance on this rare album. The violin and indigenous gongs also appear on this song. The instrumental part is long and the interplay by the performers is very interesting. The singer’s name is sometimes mentioned in the lyrics. The title of the song is “Royal Ceremony”. The song is about the pride of the royal palace and dynasty in Mandalay City. During the time of the king, Mandalay was named Yadanarpon (= a city where jewels gather), the name of the place.

title:Myan Tha Pyae Nyar
singer:Mandalay Ma Aung Kyi
A song with a melody to Myanmar history. Pattara, Palwei, Chi waing (maybe Maung saing?), and an accordion, an unusual composition. Unison with different instruments is the mainstay of the sound, but deviations (like out of jazz) are frequent, but this is what makes Myanmar’s instrumental music a real pleasure. A combination of Polynesian and Recommended Records(by Chris Cutler).

monk:Kyite Wine Dama Kahtika A Shin-U Eain Na Ka
title:Budda Nat Hla Ti Swin Witt Kari Tayar Dau
This record contains the sutra of monk U Eain Na Ka, the head of the temple in Kyite Wine, Yangon. He intersperses Buddhist stories between the sutra and the sutra in an effort to keep his followers engaged. Some monks still use this method. In Myanmar, the relationship between sutra and music media is close, and the sutra has been passed down from generation to generation using the latest media such as cassette tapes, CDs, VCDs and mp3s. Trying to be with the Buddha by using the latest technology is an indication of a living faith.

Forward Dat Pyar Company

*One song on both sides.
label:Forward Datpyar company
title:Don Yin Ba Htoo Pya Zatt(5)(6)
group:Tak Ka Tho Soe Thit and Forward A Pwe Thar Myar
director:Shwe Done San Nyunt
Records of Pya Zat (traditional theater), part 5 and 6. The story of Don Yin Ba Htoo, a man who went from the countryside to the city to work as a migrant. (5) is a scene in which He is treated as a countryman in the city. (6) is the scene where the His girlfriend, who remains in the countryside, is liked by the son of the village chief. In the sound, saing waing and brass section appear at pivotal points.

title:Don Yin Ba Htoo Bya Zatt (7)(8)
group:Takatho Soe Tin & Forward Group
director:Shwe Don San Nyunt
Pya Zat(play) records 7 and 8, which begin with a technical saing waing, tell the story of Don Yin Ba Htoo, a man from the countryside who goes to the city to work. The story begins with a family. His mother’s diamond ring is stolen and found in Don Yin Ba Htoo’s bag. He claims that he didn’t steal it, but he is treated as a thief and decides to go back to the country. What happens next in his sadly trodden life? Takatho means University, and he was probably a university student at the time.


title:Pyin Sa Par Pi Episode(11)(12)
singer:Shwe Kyi Kyo & Pegu Mya
This is a record of a Buddhist story about a woman named Pyin Sa Par Pi. Pyin Sa Par Pi had an ugly face in her previous life because she had given dirt to a bodhisattva in her previous life. However, she didn’t give him anything, so she was able to marry the king in this life. This is a comedic Buddhist story with a lively saing waing band performing. One day Pyin Sa Par Pi was told by his father, “The king is going to host a play, why don’t you go? When I was recommended to go there…

title:Pyin Sa Par Pi A Episode(15)(16)
singer:Shwe Kyi Kyo & Pegu Mya
This is a record of a Buddhist story about a woman named Pyin Sa Par Pi. It’s frustrating that episodes (13) and (14) are missing, so it’s unclear what happened before and after. While Pyin Sa Par Pi is living in the palace as the king’s consort, one day another woman named Ayewady comes in… This is a Buddhist story and an operatic record.

title:Ko Char Char Lar A Sone
singer:Ma Kyi Aung
The title of the song is “Till (your eyes) spin around”. A woman is pining for a man, but he won’t turn around. The woman is trying to connect with him in that way, and the song is about how busy she is. This is another record, probably a very old one, by a popular singer from the 1920s, Ma Kyi Aung. This woman was a pioneering framer of the introduction of Western instruments into traditional music.

title:Paduma Paung Tou Zat Htoke
group:Mingalar Aung Maung Nae Bago Mya
A record of a play about the Buddha. Long ago there was a king and queen in a country. One day, when they were walking on the beach, a basket washed up from the river. In the basket was a sinner from another country, with his limbs cut off, and the king saved the sinner. Later the man recovers…. This story is the source of the proverb “Never help an animal with two legs (good intentions are not always rewarded)” and is performed in a local open-air play.

Kabar Kyaw Dat Pyar

title:Tha Khin Mae Pa Dauk Pan
singer:Yote Shin Min Thar,Maung Maung Nyunt
composer:Takatho Cho Gyi
The title of the song is “Flower of the Lordless Quince”. A song about a long distance relationship. It is orchestrated by Sandaya, Palwei, vibraphone, trumpet and Hne. The Takt Ka Tho in the composer’s name means university and he seems to be proud of his academic background; Yote Shin Min Thar means actor.

Kar Kwal Ye Htar Na Sit Yea Choke Yone

*One song on both sides.
title:Doe A Lote Tha Mar Khit Yote Bi
singer:Ko Mya Gyi
This is a labor hymn record produced by the then Burmese Ministry of Defense, called “The Time of Our Workers is Coming”. On the top of the disc, it says, “Published by the Ministry of Defense for the military. ‘There is no place for the lazy. It’s for the working man. Let’s not be lazy and work because this is going to be the age of the workers. Let’s work so that other countries don’t overtake us,” they sing. It’s a cheerful propaganda song.

Karawait Recording Company

title:Aung Par Say
singer:A Lin Gar Kyaw Swar Shwe Man Tin Maung
The title means “May you succeed”. I pray for success in all things. The song is sung in a call-and-response style, “May the donor succeed (in success), the one who marries (in success), in economics and in love (in success)” and it is a song that brings good luck. The B-side is a recording of a traditional play.

King Wun Record

title:Tine Lone Kyaw
singer:Ko Khin Latt
Composer:Ko Ye Aung
The protagonist is a percussionist. He is a genuine musician who participates in outdoor plays and festivals, whether he is asked to or not. (Music is an essential part of these events in Myanmar) “My wife doesn’t like it, but my I can’t stop being curious. I can’t stop my hobby,” she said of her instrumental skills, “I’m a good instrumentalist, so women He says, “I’m going to be pampered by them”. The backing is Saing Waing Orchestra and the occasional banjo and sandaya. in  the B-side. The tempo is much higher and connected to the lyrical content of the song.

Kit Paw Tay Gi Ta Record Distribution

title:Tan Tan Ta Ta Nay Par Bi Kwae
singer:Hin Tha Ta Tun Yin
compose:Gi Ta Sar Soe.Win Soe
The title translates directly to “I miss you, I miss you, I can’t wait”. A song about a lost love waiting for him lover to come back to him. The both sides of the record are joined together to form a single song: the trumpet at 5:23, between eighth notes and triplets. It’s a strange solo. It was composed of Palwei, Sandaya, Fne, Si, Wa and vibraphone. There was a faint drumming sound, but it was unclear what it was. It’s very rare to hear vibraphone in the band.

Lay Lwin Aung Dat Pyar Htoke Lote Yae

[A]title:Ta Kal Lar! Hote Ye Lar?
singer:Zaw One+Cho Wai Lwin
compoer:Sandayar Hla Htut
backing:Sandayar Hla Htut Group
Couples say how much they like each other. They gradually scale up to “I like you more than all the earth,” “I like you more than all the water on earth,” “I like you more than the sky. Each time they say it, the one being said says, “Really! Really? (= song title) and somewhat languidly surprised. A song by a couple. I can feel Hamaguchi Kunosuke’s melody in it, and I think it’s probably a cover of a Japanese song…

[B]title:Bo Ma
singer:Yote Shin Min Thar Zaw One
compoer:Gita Sar So Ko Lay Lwin
backing:Sandayar Hla Htut Group
The word “Bo Ma” in the title is a symbolic term referring to Western women. In Japan, it would be called “Madonna”. A man who loves a woman named Bo Ma by his parents sings a song about his love for Boma. “In the midst of its Western beauty, there is also a touch of Myanmar. So why don’t you change your name?” He recommends that. In Myanmar, people are allowed to change their names until they turn 18, and some people change their names more than once.

Lut Latt Yae Dat Pyar Myar

title:Mote Thone Oo
singer:May Shin(Yote Shin Minta Mee)
A song by May Shin the famous actress and singer of yesteryear. It seems to be a very old record. Accompanying instruments are myanmar slide guitar, violin and sandaya. as indicated by the notation FILM ARTIST, the singing industry was originally created by actors from the film industry singing the theme and insert songs of films. The credits on the outside indicate that the Gramophone company was located in Mumbai, India at the time. The ultra-colorful label is wonderful.

Ma Hoo Yar Records

title:Ngar Ma Thay Buu Yae Kuu Tat Tel
actor:Maung Maung Nyunt,Tin Tin Mya,May Hla Myaing
director:Maung Kyae Mone
The title means “I don’t die, I can swim (=I know how to live)”.I don’t know if this is a reading or just a sound excerpt from the film director Maung Kyae Mone’s work. Side A is a collection of trailers of Maung Kyae Mone’s work; Side B is a conversation between a couple celebrating their daughter’s birthday.  The great singers and actors of yesteryear Maung Maung Nyun and Tin Tin Mya appear in it. May Hla Myaing is an actor from an even older era.

Modern Dat Pyar Htoke Lote Yae

title:Khaut Htee Lay Nae Ho A Pyo
singer:Maung Maung Nyunt
compose:Ko Tin Soe
The title translates directly to “A certain girl with an umbrella”. It is a pop song with the essence of domestic music. The composition of the background music is unique to Myanmar with a mixture of indigenous and western instruments.The composition of the song is also mixed with indigenous and western styles.  It’s a song by connecting both sides of the record. the color illustration on the label is so cute!

Myawaddy Record Company

title:Chit Tor Chit Par Tal A Mae Sue Late Mal
singer:Maung Maung Soe
compose:Ko Win Soe
The label was too tattered, but I was able to decipher it.It’s titled “I love you, but your mother will scold me (don’t tell me)”. The lyrics mean “Your (=her) mother doesn’t think well of our love. I’ll convince her”. In terms of sound, it is thanzin (popular song that is a successor to Myanmar’s classical music).  The vibraphone plays an important role in this song.

Nagar Dat Pyar Company Limited

title:Khar Tamar Cho Lay Ma So Thu Yae
singer:Khin Mar San
composer:Kyawe Muu
organizer:Kyi Kyat Pyu Su The
The main idea is to go out with the bitter Tamar when it becomes sweet. Tamar is a bitter plant and no matter how long you wait for it, it will never become sweet. This is a sad song about a love that never comes to fruition. The protagonist is a woman who distrusts men and enumerates “how unbelievable men are” throughout the song. I didn’t expect a bad ending in the heyday of the record, when the majority of healthy love songs are made up of healthy love songs. Along the way, a bitter plant called mezali is mentioned as a comparison to Tamar.You can eat it if you cook it.  In fact, in Myanmar, on the full moon of Dazaung Mon in November, Everybody ate a salad called mezali peatut. Everybody wish a lifetime of good health.

Nawaday Dat Pyar

title:Pan Kaut Tha Mar
singer:Torn Tay Tein Tan
A love song called “The Flower Picker”  by the great authority of Myanmar’s music scene, Torn Tay Tein Tan. It compares the relationship between a man and a woman who are unable to be together for some reason to various reasons, such as “like the moon and the stars” and “like a flower and a gardener”, and likens the reasons for their fruitless love to various things. In terms of sound, a variety of instruments such as sandaya, violin, indigenous percussion, brass section, and palwei(longitudinal flute) are intermingled.

label:Nawaday Dat Pyar
title:Myittar Mi Eain
singer:Torn Tay Tein Tan
The song “The Lamp of Love” is sung by Torn Tay Thein Tan, a major figure in Myanmar’s singing scene. The song begins with a gorgeous sundaya and violin, “It was a dark night with no light from the moon and stars, only a lamp shining. There’s a needle skip at the end of the A-side.

Pan Sabae Dat Pyar

title:Pan Chin Tal Kha Yae Phoo Soe Lo
singer Torn Tay Tein Tan
composer:Phoe So Chin Khin Maung Nyunt
The title translates directly to “She wants to decorate flower on her head.It is very common to see children selling these flowers on the street. “Phoe So Chin” which is named before Khin Maung Nyunt means “I want to sing very much”, which means “I’m a singing fool”. There is not a composer’s credit, but it seems to be composed by Khin Maung Nyunt.

Pyin Sa Yuu Pa Record

[A]title:Sait Kuu Yin Nya
singer:Cho Pyone
The title translates directly to “Night of Imagination”. It depicts a female protagonist’s daydreaming in the middle of the winter night. Like a leaf talking under the moonlight, for example. The vibraphone in the background adds to the dreaminess level. It’s rare that Pat Waing keeps the beat. Usually it’s the role of the si and wa. The animal in the record logo is Pyin Sa Yuu Pa (an imaginary animal said to be equipped with the organs of a lion, water buffalo, elephant, carp and ruddy shelduck), which is also the name of the record company. (From the Dictionary of Burmese (Myanmar) Language, Daigaku Shorin)
[B]title:Chit Thaw Man Thu
singer:Min Naung
The title translates directly to “To You, My Dear Mandalay”. You from beautiful Mandalay. I can’t erase you from my heart.You are beautiful and you look good in Thanaka,” and I’m already in love with you.  The backing band was made up of Sandaya, Saing Waing and brass.

Say Ta Nar Dat Pyar Htoke Lote Yae

title:Sae Yat Tine Tine
singer:Myo Mying Lay
composer:Khin Maung Nyung
It’s titled, “You dated me for 10 days in a row”. I’ll never forget the memories of our dates on nights when the moonlight shone,” he says, ruminating on the sweet and sour past. Western instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, sandaya and vibraphone are used in abundance in this song, but the melody is very Myanmar-like. (A few indigenous instruments appear on the B-side).

Sein Records

title:Nga Moe Yike Zat
actor:Sein Aung Min
This is the seventh and eighth episodes of the traditional play in which the prince is the main character. On his way to the princess, the prince is blocked by a river. The prince summons his messenger, a legendary crocodile, and… The Saingw waing playing in the background is gorgeous and outstanding. You can see this kind of play at the local festival.

Shwe Baho Dat Pyar Company

title:Nat Shin Naing Nae Dar Tu Kalayar
singer:Khin Maung Myint,Tin Tin Mya,Hla Hla Yee
compose:Ko Than Naing
A series of plays about the god Nat Shin Naing, vol. 3 and 4. Saing Waing and Saung gauk, Two of the leading instruments of Myanmar’s classical music. Furthermore, there is also the great actress and singer of the past, Tin Tin Mya. This record is a rare Burmese press (most Myanmar records are pressed in India).

Shwe Kyat Record

title:Kanyar Phyo Nae Zayar O(Pya Zat)
actor:U Dat Shin,Myo Taw Paw San,Aung Than Tin,Myo Taw Mu Mu
A comedy about the love affair between a young woman and an older man. Bright, healthy laughter and a lively sign-wine band work well together. The noise is terrible, but that’s all the more evidence that the original owner heard it repeatedly. The reason it has a picture of a rooster on the label is because Shwe Kyat means rooster. I see this rooster record a lot when I’m looking for records.

Shwe Son Nyo Dat Pyar Htoke Lote Yae

title:Ywar Da Lee Haung
singer:Nyi Nyi Lay
composer:Taung Tin Htay
The title “Old village customs”. The protagonist says, “I miss the country customs because I’m not a city person. We always sang songs, worked the cattle, farmed and grew grain. I was happy to be with a woman at that time,” he reminisces, while the B-side depicts the villagers engaged in farming. The backing band is Saing waing orchestra, brass section and sandaya. The sound of birds (koel) is also unusual.

Shwe Kyar Si Dat Pyar Htoke Lote Yar

title:Sa Pae Hla Hla Pan Pya Par
singer:Hinthata Tun Yin
composer:Ko Tint Moe
This love song is titled “Let me decorate you with beautiful jasmine flowers. It compares the love story to jasmine. Women in Myanmar decorate their heads with flowers, not just jasmine. Violins, sandaya, indigenous percussion instruments, and fne, all of which are soft in tone and gently envelop the listener in their music.

Shwe Maung Than Datpyar Pyant Chi Yae

*One song on both sides.
title:Lar Khe Par Shwe E The
singer:Myint Myint Shane
composer:Gita Than Soe
A rural hymn sung by a woman who lives in the countryside; side A says, “The countryside is a very vivid place. Come and see the scenery,” inviting city dwellers to come and see the scenery; B says, “City people lose their politeness gradually as their visitors become more frequent, but the countryside is not. The backing band is Saing Waing and Palwei; the bell at 0:13 on the A side is a KyaeSi(triangular gong). It is used to announce almsgiving, for example.

title:Saung Tha Mar Lay Nae Ka Chae Thal Lay
singer:Pantarar Khin Khin Aye
composer:Taung Tin Htay
The title is “The (male) Saung Gauk player and the (female) dancer”. This is an unusual song about a love from a woman to a man. The orchestration is Sandaya, Saing waing, trumpet and vibraphone. The trumpet and Hne, which are similar in tone, are in unison at key points.

Super High Company Limited

title:Nyi Lay Toe Ywar
singer:Than Tun Lay
backing musicians:Super High Instrumental Group
The singer Than Tun Lay, who impresses with high-tone voices, sings “The countryside is a wonderful place, so please come”, This song was recorded half on both sides of the record. When I listen to the unison of Sandaya and Hne, I can know how many decoration sounds of Sandaya are, and can know how it is always sought. The name of the label and the backing musicians are probably the same as the company’s band.

title:Ma Mae Thaw A Nyar
singer:Than Tun Lay
backing musicians:Super High Instrumental Group
Tantungrye, a singer with an impressive high-toned voice, sings a song called “Never Forget the Country”. Towards the last song, Saing Waing, brass and sandaya thrusts forward in unison. It’s interesting that the harmony is so sparse for such a large orchestra. Hne bridges the gap between the domestic instruments and the brass, and Ci Waing bridges the gap between Myanmar and Polynesia. It sounds like.

title:Kaung Laung Hto Than Bae Thu Htan (7)/(8)
actor:Kyaw Sint,Tin TIn Htwe,Tin Tin Mya
backing musicians:Super High Instrumental Group
A series of readings, part 7 and 8.[7] The beginning of the play is sung about cause and effect in Buddhism. In Myanmar, this diagram is an essential part of meditation, and this is a summary of cause and effect. The recitation play then begins. It is the story of a love triangle between a female dancer and two men in a traditional play. The sound made by Saing Waing Orchestra, Sandaya, Palwei and Brass. [8]It begins with the Saing Waing Orchestra andvocal. Saing Waing Orchestra’s performance was excellent, full of vigorous and vitality. After that, the recitation starts. A little bit of guitar was added to the sound. The last part was spectacular.

title:Ma har Zana Ka
composer:Mya Ka Laung
[A]singer:Tun Shwe
[B]singer:Khin Khin Nyunt,Hintha Kyu
The record tells the story of the legendary Prince Ma har Zana Ka, who is still famous locally. One day the prince sails out to sea in a boat and encounters a storm, but with the help of the sea’s guardian gods, he arrives at a beach. The land lacks a ruler, and the prince is asked by the landlord to take over the position of ruler. On side A, the princes are having a good time on the ship; on side B, they are at the palace before sailing. Saing Waing plays at a slightly slower tempo and each movement is easy to analyze. The beauty of the melody line and the bold ascent/descent on the B-side are especially nice.It’s rare to hear a female duo in unison, and this is one of the best records I’ve ever owned.

Tet Toe Trading Company

title:Shwe Kyar Pan
singer:Daw May Shin
organize:Gita U San Maung Management
Thanzin (Popular song that took over the traditional music) sung by Daw Mae Sheng, an actress (Myanmar Academy Award winner) and singer of yesteryear.  The title is  “The Golden Lotus”. It sings, “Let us be rich in heart and economy like the golden lotus. This idea is based on Buddhism. The beginning of the song starts with the Saing waing, but in the middle of the song, Palwei, Sandaya and the brass took over and The song is a rich musical picture scroll. The Polynesian-Calypso feeling in the last part of the song is great.

organize:A Lin Kar Kyaw Swar Sein Wai Hlaein Managed
[A]title:Kya Yaw A Soe Taw Nar Mal Kyi
singer:Khin Maung Hla
[B]title:Thar Ei Ta So Soe
singer:Khin Myo Hla
[A] A comedy song in which the singer himself boasts about his fame. He sings cheerfully, “I get a thousand fan letters every day, and my name is roaring in every town”. In the last part of the song, he even says “I’m a famous singer (I’m an idiot)”. This is a comic song accompanied by saing waing/sandaya/saxophone.
[B]This is a comedy song in which the wife talks badly about her husband, saying “My husband has dark skin and a bad mouth and his forehead is protruding and his nose is pointy”. Still, it is a hot and cold song which concludes with “I like such a husband” at the end.

title:Ta Ku Latt
singer:Ko Min Thu
backing musicians:Tet Toe musical Instrument Group
The title of the song is “Divorcee”. It’s an erotic comic song in which he sings without offense, “Divorced women know more about things than first-married women, so it’s nice. In terms of sound, the song is an orthodox kalabaw (popular song) that inherits the techniques of Myanmar’s classical music. The way the sandaya, Fne and indigenous percussion instruments rush in like wild animals is wonderful.

group:Ywar Sar Gyi Sein Ka Lar Saing Group
[A]title:Sein Hle Kyar Pat San
[B]title:Mingalar Byaw
Saing Waing oechestra “Ywar Sar Gyi Sein Ka Lar Saing Group” performed. The ensemble matched the rhythm perfectly and Han’s unrestrained ability to shift the timing was simply breathtaking. It’s terrifying because it’s so accurate in both Atchereeland and Ritardando. It’s a prog rock band. Here lies the foundation, the rich charm and the greatest mystery of Myanmar music.

Toe Naing Company

*One song on both sides.
title:Latt Yae Tha Pyin Dee
singer:Ko Phoo Ant
compose:Nan Taw Shae Sayar Tin
backing musicians:Mandalay Myoma Group
A song that depicts a family who eats around a Table and their chummy. This song composed by Nan Taw Shae Sayar Tin who is famous composer of the Myanmar music scene. This song was recorded half on both sides of the record. The listener has to turn the record over in the middle of the song. The parallel running of vocal and sandaya is the main role, Clarinet and Pat Waing join together as the song progresses. The clarinet sounds like Hne.At the finale, the wind instruments are played in unison, which represents a fairy-tale ending. The backing musicians is Mandalay Myoma Band.

title:Wipandi Zat Taw(7&8)
act:Shwe Man Pantara Kyi Lin Zat Pwe
organizer:Shwe Daung Nyo
A Buddhist story set in the royal family. The characters are the two sons of the king, mother, and servant. Old time in Myanmar, where there was no entertainment, there were records other than music were also made. This troupe is Shwe Man Panthala Kyi Lin Zat Owe. Actors and performers are both members. These old drama can see at local festivals. This record has numbering vol.7 and vol.8, so I have to collect more to know the story before and after.

*One song on both sides.
title:Shwe Pay Lo Ma Ya Par
singer:Tin Tin Hla
The title of the song is “Femininity can’t be bought even if it’s a treasure”. The song preaches the grace and ladylike qualities of Myanmar women and their importance. it also sings, “If you can’t take care of that, you’ll only meet the right man”. The song is played by the outstandingly good Saing Waing, and on the B-side, the violin also joins in the ensemble.

*One song on both sides.
title:Yone Tan Sa Kar
singer:Mar Mar Aye
compose:Ko Thet Oo
It’s a Mar Mar Aye’s Record, the most famous and most important singer in the history of Myanmar popular music. Sandaya, Fne and drums (indistinguishable) are in the background. The small size of the ensemble is connected to the airy atmosphere. I can vaguely feel a sense of Okinawa.

*One song on both sides.
title:A Hlu Taw Mingalar
singer:Soe ? Than Lay,Myint MyintShane
composer:U Lay Khant
I hear drums. What village do you have a donation in? The record begins with. Myanmar is one of the world’s largest donor countries, and when alms‐giving  takes place there, it is accompanied by music. The noise on this disc is heavy, but the opulence of the Saing Waing is evident.

*One song on both sides.
title:Thida Yae Sin
singer:Mar Mar Aye
composer:Ko Thet Oo
This is a record of the most famous and most important singer in the history of Myanmar popular music, Ma Ma Maay. The ensemble is Sandaya, Palway, Hne, and drums (not discernible). She sings about the love from parents to their children, comparing it to water. This episode is based on a Buddhist story.

Toy Wutt Yee Record

title:A Yaen Thu Myaetar Pya Zat
singer:Thein Soe
actor:Hin Thata Aung Tin Win/Tin Tin Htwe
Records were a media for conversational drama before the birth of radio. This is a disc of songs and conversational drama. The songs are sung by Thein Soe. The voices are performed by Hin Thata Aung Tin Win(male) and Tin Tin Htwe(female). The title translates directly to “Wild Affection Plays”. It’s a love story set in the countryside and the word “wild” here means “as it is”.

Tay Wutt Yee Dat Pyar

title:Sa Pae Pwint Chain Pyan Lar Mal Pan Hmone
singer:Nyaung Oo Aye Lwin
composer:Kyite Latt Tin Hla
Sandaya, Saing Waing and Slide Guitar played in the background. Sandaya and Fne can be heard in technical unison in the interlude. Nyaung Oo at the beginning of the singer’s name is the name of a town in Bagan, and here it refers to the place of birth.She sings, “I’ll come back when the jasmine flowers are in bloom, Pan Hmone.” Pan Hmone is the name of a woman.  Men go to college in distant places.In Myanmar, it is customary for men to give flowers to women as a gift.

Than Lyan Dat Pyar Pyant Chi Yae

title:Ma Ma Myo Gyi Thu
singer:Tin Aung Lay
composer:Ye Thi Ha,Ko Tin Aung
An unrequited love sung by Tin Aung Lay. The title is “You in the City”. The woman is from the country and the man is younger than her. The man remembers growing up with her when they were young and says, “You’re dyed in the city now, aren’t you? I beg you, please come home once a year. It’s heartbreaking,” he sings. The use of a muted trumpet is rare. The picture of a woman planting rice on the label is also good.

Thein Htike Dat Pyar

singer:Tin Tin Htwe
composer:Htoo Aung
A play record starring a woman named Yuwaddy in the lead role. Interesting composition with saing waing, pattla and trumpet. Why didn’t they choose Fne? Probably the result of the pursuit of ingenuity, with a needle skip on side-A.

Thit San Tun

title:Luu Gyi Tway Thi Mar Soe Tal
singer:Hintthata Tun Yin
composer:Pan Htorar Chit Hlaing
The title of the song is “The Danger of Each Other’s Parents Finding Out”. Every time I see her, she has a wilted face. The man says, “Tell me if you have something on your mind”. Accompanied by sandaya, trumpet, saxophone and saing waing. It’s especially cool on the B-side, where the tempo increases. And the dignified owl logo is so cool! I would recommend this piece to any retro design enthusiast.

Wai Lwin Lwin Dat Pyar

title:Chit Thu Shi Yar Htar Nay Haung
singer&Composer:Sein Maung Myint
Accompanying them was a duet of sandaya and trumpet. Saing waing and slide guitar join in, and the song culminates in a gorgeous up-tempo unison. The unison on the B-side is especially beautiful like fireworks. The song “I’m thinking of you from the entrance of the village. To my beloved, no matter how many years pass, I’ll never forget the days of my youth. We rode in a boat in the village river.” “On a winter’s day, a group of girls and boys went to see a play in the village, and we teased you. I made fun of you then,” the song ruminates on memories.

Win Min Recording

title:Myit Tar Saung Kyo Zat Lan(5)(6)
act:Torn Tay Thein Tan,Tin Tin Mya
music:A One Soe Myint Than Sone
The title translates directly to “The drama of love like the strings of a Saung Gauk (Myanmar Harp)”. In Myanmar, the Saung Gauk symbolizes a solid connection. This is vol. 5 and 6 of the drama series, starring the great Torn Tay Thein Tan and Tin Tin Mya. The backing musicians is A One Soe Myint Than Sone.

title:Myit Tar Saung Kyo Zat Lan(7)(8)
act:Torn Tay Thein Tan,Tin Tin Mya
music:A One Soe Myint Than Sone
The sequel to “The Drama of Love Like a String on a Saung Gauk(Myanmar Harp).  Here is a synopsis of the story. A man who used to be a famous singer falls ill and offers a song he wrote to an unknown female singer. As a result of that song, the woman becomes more and more popular. The more active the woman becomes, the more the man feels lonely… The song is the one played at the beginning of the B-side.

Yadanar Tun Record

title:Tae Yae Bawa Yae Chit Thu Yae
actor:Hintthata Tun Yin,Cho Pyone,Chit Sa Pae
Vol. 7 and 8 of the serial drama record, titled “Music, Life and Lovers”. The main characters are a man who wants to make it big as a musician and his girlfriend. Her father tells her to marry a rich man rather than a poor one… The A-side song is “Frosty The Snowman” is quoted for part of the song.There are occasional reuses of such melodies in Myanmar.


*One song on both sides.
title:Main Ma Yuu Yan Thein Su Pan
singer:Maung Maung Nyunt
compose:Ko Kyae Mone
Label unknown. A song about buying a lottery ticket with a wish to get married. It is played by a lottery car running in the countryside. It is interesting to hear the trinity of indigenous drums, sandaya and brass. There is an acceleration and deceleration of the tempo at important points, and my ears get lost each time. It sounds like Aburadako(Japanese prog/punk band).

title:Tha Mu Da Ya Yin Kwin Pya Zat
singer:Maung Maung Nyunt,Cho Pyone
Serial Drama Record. A man and a woman take lessons in traditional arts under a master. The woman, who is learning dance, has good sence, and the man watches her warmly. They spend the same amount of time in each lesson, and eventually fall in love with each other. The master notices this and calls the man to come to him. Sonically, the Saing Waing/Sandaya/Brass are all there.

*One song on both sides.
title:Nge Chit Houng Si Pyan Lar Mal
singer:Tun Tun Lay
Composer:Ko Hla Moe
‘I’m going back to where you are, my first love. Have you forgotten about me yet?” The song talks about his love for his old girlfriend. She continues, “I want to go back to our old relationship,” but the song doesn’t tell us how the woman feels about it now. In terms of sound, the Saing Waing , horn section, and Sandaya are all present.

*One song on both sides.
label:unknown(maybe Aung Tha Pyae?)
title:Maung Nae A Tuu Tuu A Pyaw Sone Naye
singer:Ton Tay Thein Tan,A Kai Da Mi Aye Aye Thin
Composer:Ko Myat Lin
This record is a song and play about a couple’s wedding day. The couple first greets each other in front of their parents. The parents say a prayer for them. A husband says to his wife, “Let’s love each other as we grow old. Today is a very happy day and your smile is more beautiful than anyone else’s. As the ceremony begins, the voices of the officiant and friends in attendance and live music fill the room. The outside of the disc reads, “Recording a song from this record is prohibited. If you do, you will be punished by copyright law”. This is the first time I’ve seen a disc with this caveat. A Kai Da Mi means Academy, “Myanmar Academy Award-winning Aye Tin”.

*One song on both sides.
title:Kyar Lay Lay Way Mar Soe Ta
singer:Tan Phay Lay
composer:Ko Lay Lwin
The label is so tattered that the textual information is indecipherable. The only thing left at the last minute is “published by a group of musicians who really know what music is all about”. In addition to domestic instruments, uses sandaya, violin, vibraphone and slide guitar. When it hear the slide guitar, it instantly sounds Hawaiian.

The damage is too badly done and the details of the record are unknown. The background music is an ensemble of brass section, sandaya and saing waing. on side A, a man confesses his love to a woman and is rejected; on side B, a woman returns to her home village and describes the idyllic nature of the countryside.

label:?? Dat Pyar
title:Ta Ywar Lone Ka Pyaw Kone Ja Bi
singer:A Nyar Thar Aye Lwin
composer:Taung Tin Htay
The title of the song is “The whole village is saying (you and I are friends),” and the A melody is clearly demarcated as a Myanmar-style melody and the chorus as a Western-style melody. This is a development of the compositional system of Western popular music by the composers of the time. We have to take our hat off to the composer for the uniqueness of the mixture of East and West in one song.

title:Mahar Bawdi Myat Swae Taw Shin San Taw Shin Zay Di Taw Tha Mine
singer:Tin Tin Mya
The title is “History of Mahabodhi Buddha’s Tooth and Sacred Hair (where it is housed) Pagoda”. It tells the history of the Maha Bodhi Temple in Taketa, Yangon through songs. The song is sung by Tin Tin Mya, who is still famous in the Myanmar music scene. It also includes a few sutras.

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